Q 1

What are the Turnkey Projects?


Turnkey projects means READY TO MOVE. In Which each & everything like Drawing, Material, Staff, Engineers, Architect, Interior Designer, Contractors, Labours & Vastu Consultant will be of company In -house staff. Client has to turn the key of the given site to move in.

Q 2

What are the advantage of Turnkey Projects ?


Advantage of the Turnkey Projects for the client are:-
1. Budget is Pre-known    2. Low risk for the Client    3. Tension(Hassle)free work   4. Technical viability   5. Single handed approach   6. Durable quality Material(selected by the company Professionals)   7. Strong implementation by the Team of Experts   8. Time bound programmed   9. Excellent reality of dream project   10. Economic cost   11. Company does not charge for the 3d views(Pre-known ambience of the site)how it will looks like after construction & Interior   12. Vastubased Approach.

Q 3

What is the difference
Turnkey projects & Labour Base project ?


Turnkey Project                                                                                          Labour Base Projecct

  1. Budget & View of the site pre-known                                                             Not known
  2. No charges for site visit of the Engineer                                                       Fees charged by the Engineer
  3. Risk is of the company                                                                                         Risk is of the client
  4. Cost is Low                                                                                                             Cost is high
  5. Hassle free work for labour& material                                                        labour& material tension is of client
  6. Work will be done by Experts                                                                        Fees charged by the Engineer
  7. Loss of material & labour is of company                                                    It is of client
  8. Not suffering Time & business of the client                                               Itsuffers the business & time of client

Q 4

Is there any charge by the company of costinggiven & site visit by the concerned person of company?


NO, because company takes the Turnkey project. It is the part of business.

Q 5

Is there any extra charge paid by the client to the site engineer of the company?


NO, Since they are paid employee of the company.

Q 6

Is Company undertakes the projects of all over india?


Yes, since the employee are paid staff like- site manager, engineers, contractor. They live in the city where the site is going on till the work finished. Labourforce sometimes managed by lacalites.

Q 7

Is there any risk of the client for the people working for the company at their site in case of any mishap?


NO, because everyone of the company in-house staff & it is the liability of the company. Since contracts are seldom made between company & contractor.

Q 8

Will the material remained at the site bethe client property?


NO, since the agreement of the project to complete the work is seldom made between company & the client. Company liablity is up to the completion of project, hence remaining material at site will be the property of company.

Q 9

Will there any hidden cost by the company?


NO, since company in its agreement shows each & everything with transparency & crystal clear view.

Q 10

Is company provide the photocopy of Turnkey agreement to the client?


YES,because client can compare the brand ,specification of material at site.

Q 11

Can client be assured of the quality of the material used by the company?


YES, because company has its check list of the material given in the agreement, given to the site Manager of the company. Client is asked for the signature after comparing the material at site & material given in agreement. After signing the check list of material by the client only then the material will be used at site.

Q 12

Can client supply the material in between the work in progress after signing the Turnkey agreement?


NO, since the agreement is seldom made between the company &the client before signing the agreement by the client.

Q 13

Is drawing passed by the company?


NO, Drawing are to be passed by the client but actual drawing & 3d views made by the company.